Way of the Cross
Crucifixus and crosses

Jesus being pointed at by Pontius PilatusDrawings and paintings for use by individuals, Christian churches and other Christian religious organizations. On websites or in any other media. Under the condition that they are not used to attack or make fun of Christianity.

This website replaces an earlier site on which I had posted about 1000 pictures. Although many of them have been used on websites, in magazines, as book or CD covers and even as tattoos, they were rather small and their resolution was no longer good enough for many uses. On this new website I will provide you with a growing number of larger pictures to download and use, or to view them here for meditation or prayer.  

About the pictures

All of these pictures have been created by me. For the most part, they are ink drawings on paper, using various types of pens or brushes. 

After a couple of seconds of "meditation", the drawings happen very quickly. Five to 10 seconds in most cases. The complex ones maybe 20 seconds.

Compared to most other pictures you may find on the web, they are raw and expressive. Many of them are intentionally "ambiguous" to allow YOU to mentally complete them, project your inner picture of Jesus onto them. That's part of their power.

To make the experience more immediate, I often show the entire piece of paper as it is scanned in. This means, however, that those of you who need them to be "cleaner" will have to modify them (crop them, remove greys etc.).


There is no need to ask for permission if you want to use them for personal purposes (e.g., for your website, facebook profile, for hanging prints on the wall or using them for tattoos).

If you are a church or other Christian organization, you do not have to ask for permission if you use them in any way during service, other activities or, for example, printed on T-shirts, mugs and similar things - even if you sell these to raise money for your church or needy people. 

If you want to use them for other purposes, e.g., in or on magazines, commercial websites,  books CD covers, you have to ask for permission. It is extremely unlikely that I will ask you for a fee or royalties. Actually, I never did. But I want to know where the pictures are used and have a chance to prevent improper use.

To get such a special permission, email me (see Contact form). 

Your permission is obviously non-exclusive, and no copyrights are transferred. 

Whenever possible make people aware of where you got the pictures by mentioning my website www.freymanc.com.

Luc Freymanc

I want to mention that I am re-creating this website in memory of Kai, a friend who maintained the previous version and died much too early.

All images on this website are © Luc Freymanc 2016